Quick Ratio Rack

We think we want to go with a bit quicker steering, I hope we are right. Quaife makes a kit for the DX steering rack to go from the stock 18.6 at 3.8 turns lock to lock to 2.83 lock to lock, about 25% quicker. All you need to do is rebuild the steering rack with new Quaife rack and pinion. The job wasn't too bad, just follow the shop manual to take apart and reassemble the rack. Unfortunately, we neglected to take any pictures.

After driving the car for a few months this summer, including a fair number of autocross events, we can provide some feedback. First, for autocross the quick rack is really nice. The downside is, of course, it requires some muscle. When we have the 275 15 Hoosiers on, it is really a chore to turn the wheel, you better be strong. So we have been going to the gym, cheap power steering :-). On the street with street tires it is much easier. In general we like it a lot. The alternative would be to go to a quick ratio power rack but for the EF, the power racks weren't very fast. The EG's can use the Integra rack which is quite quick, but can't be used in the EF.

We are serious about the strength with race tires. I am older with a bit of arthritis and my elbows were killing me after back to back autocross days. Hopefully I will get used to it and I have increased my weight training at the gym (seriously). Brian has no complaints (young stuff) and loves it. Again, it takes some work, and if you don't like to work it is not for you, but man is it quick. You can feel every nook and cranny on the road, not everyone's piece of pie, but man is it quick?