Front Crossmember

That beautiful Full Race traction bar, well, it is illegal in SCCA SSM (as pointed out by Chris Travis, SCCA national champ in SM with an EG). The rules do not allow replacement of "Subframe" members, although suspension parts (moving) are unrestricted. So, it is back to the stock front crossmember. This means that it will have to be "adusted" for clearance of the K motor and the Rotrex, and we need to get rid of the rubber bushings on the radius rods. After digging around, it actually does not seem so bad. There are solid bearings for the radius rod (e.g. Progress) to replace the stock rubber ones. As far as wheel hop, many say that the rubber engine mounts are a major cause of wheel hop, not just the rubber mounted radius rods. Well the Hasport mounts have stiff urethane bushings from which you can choose a level of stiffness. We have the softest one, and going with more power made us reconsider to go with stiffer bushings. After talking with Hasport they are willing to change the mount bushing for free if you send them in. GREAT SERVICE HASPORT! So we will go with the stiffer bushing set and that should do the trick. Will detail the crossmember mods here.