CRXBart is a great resource on the KSwap
HondaTuning magazine also has some nice detail with lots of pic's of the KSwap
Hasport installation instructions for K series mount kit
Hondata info on the K-Swap including wiring
Hondata where you can find your local Hondata dealer for your K-Pro thread with a collection of (mostly) good K Swap info
Driveshaft Shop has your axels (search for Honda Civic EF and choose your level) is where we got my engine but there are lots of dealers has some useful ECU pinout diagrams has a good collection of CRX RSX service manuals, you will need them (the RSX Type K20A engine is close to the K20A and most parts are interchangable)
Karcepts is where we got our altenator relocate kit, shifter box, and most of our air intake system
Hybrid Racing is where we got the radiator and they seem to have more and more parts for swaps
Full Race is where we got our traction bars (necessary in this swap) was a great resource for the cluster wiring, unfortunately the site is gone, try google
Majestic Honda on the East Coast (Rhode Island) is a great place for Honda parts at discount prices and fast online service is a good place on the West Coast for Honda Parts
Hardline adapter how-to for fuel system, you can get the Goodrich Hardline Adapter from Stan at for lots of nice brake conversion kits thread, a great discussion on brake upgrades