Spec Summary


1991 Honda DX with automatic, Celestial Blue Pearl/Black. Bone stock, no rust 140K miles. EPA 29/34. curb weight 2136lbs. Engine 1492cc 92 HP@6000 89 lb-ft@4500 SOHC 9.2:1 PGM-FI



K20A from a JDM Civic Type R (or possibly an ITR, but same) with 6 speed close ratio LSD, iVTEC 2.0L 220 BHP@8000 152 lb-ft@7000 11.5:1

Source: JHPUSA.com

Notes: The way to go but costly. Why? The 6 speed with LSD is really needed and this bugger hauls poop! When VTEC kicks in it is mean.

Build 2 Update - added Hondata intake gasket to keep things cool.

Build 2 Update - Change transmission final gear from 4.764 to 4.052 using a Club RSX final gear set (Details).

SuperCharger (Build 2)

For Build 2 we added a Rotrex C30-94 (KraftWerks) for some additonal kick and to complement the taller Build 2 gearing. This is not a bolt in kit, except for the mouning brackets everything is custom. We will report on the final numbers in late March 2010 (Details).


SSR (Six Sigma Racing) 4-2-1 K-Series swap all stainless

Source: SixSigmaRacing.com

Notes: Requires some trimming of rear cross member. Danny is a knowledgeable guy, helpful, and will do custom stuff. Makes great power, see Dyno.


Tanabe Concept-G Exhaust, all stainless.

Source: RacingLab.com

Notes: Great fit and finish. Got this as it is quite (93db) but low restriction, no cops notice. To mate to the header some custom exhaust fitment is required.

Air Intake

A modified version of Karcepts EG intake uses all parts except main runner which was replaced with a Vibrant 2173 18"X3" aluminum tube.

Source: Karcepts.com and SFXPerformance.com for Vibrant tube.

Notes: This worked out awsome. Quite too until the VTEC kicks in and then wow. Brian at Karcepts is really awsome, he sells you only what you need, great support and service.

Build 2 intake - with the Rotrex supercharger the intake now feeds Rotrex and is mounted between the low and in front. A simple 19.5 inch aluminum tube with a K&N round filter 5 inch diameter 7 inch long filter (KNN-RX-2820) is mounted low and as far left as possible, hopefully to pick up cool air.

Clutch and Flywheel

Fidanza lightweight aluminum flywheel (191471 for RSX R) 8 lbs. and Fidanza 3.2 4 puck Kevlar clutch kit (391332)

Source: Titanmotorsports.com

Notes: We probably didn't need this as we found the Type R setup is pretty good. But we are happy, good grip yet very drivable.

Build 2 Clutch and Flywheel - the kevlar clutch did not hold up so well (see Clutch and Flywheel) so we upgraded to a Clutch Masters 6 puck FX400 ceramic clutch and went back to the stock Type R flywheel for durability (Details).

Build 2 Hydraulic Clutch conversion - Went from the mechanical Hasport K-Series mechanical clutch conversion to a Suja 1 Motoring Sonem EF Bolt-In Hydraulic Clutch Conversion.

Fuel System (Details)

AEM High Volume Fuel Rail 25-11R

AEM Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator 25-302R

AEM High Volume Fuel Filter 25-200

0-100lb Fuel Gauge

"Magic" Goodridge Hardline adapter fitting 8mm -6AN (Very Important!)

Misc AN fittings, clamps, and braided SS hose (Mostly JEGS))

Source: JEGS.com, Stan at Fast-Turbo.com for Hardline Adapter, AEM.com

Notes: See Fuel System section

Build 2 Injectors and Fuel pump- We needed to upgrade the injectors and fuel pump to handle the increased demands of the Rotrex. So we went with a Walbro 255HP pump and Inject Dynamics ID1000 1000cc injectors. This is more then needed by we were convinced (Brian at Karcepts) that these injectors really perform and the extra headroom does not hurt.


Hasport EFK1

Source: Hasport.com

Notes: Get your MIG welder out.

Build 2 Update - We went with stiffer urethane on the Hasports (Race left and right and Extreme Race rear) to minimize movement, things are tight. Also welded up and reinforced the rear Hasport Mount.

Alternator Relocate

Karcepts KPS01

Source: Karcepts.com

Notes: Eliminates AC (forget it) and PS and relocates alternator down low for hood and body clearance. Again, Brian at Karcepts is the man.

Build 2 Changes - Relocated the altenator back to original location, Rotrex where AC was, small idler pulley to clear hood, trim right headlight hosing to clear.


Hondata K-Pro

Source: You must find a local dealer, mine was Kinetic Motorworks in Hampstead, NH (formally Trick Engineering).

Notes: You have to do this, but well worth it. Rick at KMW was great and he did the dyno-tune as well.

Auto to Manual Conversion

CRX clutch pedal assembly

Source: Ebay

Notes: Just bolt it in, although getting under the dash a royal PITA.


Kinetic MotorWorks (formally Trick Engineering) Hampstead, NH

Radiator and Cooling


Modified Hybrid Racing's Civic halfsize radiator (for EG)

Miscellaneous rubber mounts, and brackets to bolt to Full-Race front cross member

Miscellaneous Hoses

Source: Hybrid-Racing.com

Notes: There is no easy bolt in radiator solution for the CRX. This fit well although I had to have the top port changed to point down 45 degree to clear my air intake. Radiator has ports for Temp sensor and fan switch.

Build 2 Update - The half size radiator was struggling, with supercharging, it would not be adequite. Went with a customized Griffon Race radiator, 22X13" (18X13.25" core) double row 1.25 tube cross flow with twin Spal 7.5" Pullers VA14-AP11/C-34A. Needed a K-Tuned swivel neck thermostat housing for clearance and mounting the fan switch and temp sensor.

Intercooler (Build 2)

Bell custom intercooler 24 x 9 x 3" core. Custom plumbing and mounting.

Drive Train


Drive Shaft Shop Level 0 (for Civic EF with KSwap)

Source: DriveShaftShop.com

Notes: For normally asperated stock engine Level 0 is fine.

Build 2 Update - When we supercharged, we know we were over the recommended HP for the Level 0 axle. But we decided to run it as is and if it broke, it broke. Well it broke, during an autocross run shifting from 2nd to 3rd the axle spline in the left hub just twisted in half like a tootsey roll. So we upgraded to the Drive Shaft Shop Level 2.9 axle, not cheap at a street price of $700, but rated to 500HP.

Shifter Box

Karcepts KSM01 for EG modified for CRX

Buddy Club DC5 shifter

Source: Karcepts.com

Notes: This part requires a lot of cutting and fabrication. There may be some newer solutions, check out hybrid-racing.com. But all in all, the final product works well.


Front Cross Member

Full-Race ProStreet Traction Bars TB_EF_PS

Source: Full-Race.com

Build 2 Update - Due to SCCA class restriction went back to the stock crossmember modified for Rotrex clearance and installed Progress solid spherical bearings for the radius rod pivots.

Shocks and Springs

Tein SS coilovers with pillowball mounts, all 4 wheels

Source: Racinglabs.com

Build 2 Update - Went with an Autocross specific setup from Ground Control using Eibach springs with 440F and 600R with Koni Yellow (sports) with billet upper mounts on spherical bearings and Ground Control adjustable sleeves (Details).

Front control arm bushings

Orijin Motorsports solid upper control arm bushing EGUCABN001(same as for EG)

Source: OrijinMotorsports.com

Front Sway Bar

Progress 22mm bar 61.1002

Source: ProgressAuto.com

Rear Control Arms

Skunk2 Lower Control Arms 542-05-0110

Rear Camber Arms

Skunk2 Rear adjustable 516-05-0500

Rear Sway Bar

Neuspeed 22mm Rear 25.20.22

Rear Trailing Arm Bushings

Special Projects Motorsports (PCI) spherical bearing

Front Strut Brace

Cusco ST (Steel) 308-510-A

Source: RacingLab.com

Rear Strut Brace

EM Racing rs-009

Brakes (Details)

Brakes were purchased as a kit from FastBrakes.com (Front, Rear). I am impressed with their products and service.


Wilwood 4 piston caliper with 11 inch slotted/drilled aluminum hat rotors and braided ss lines, Hawk HPS pads


Converted drums to integra rear single piston caliper and 10.9 slotted/drilled rotor braided ss lines and emergency brake cable Hawk HPS pads

Master Cylinder

Upgraded standard 13/16" to a 15/16" 90-91 Civic EX 46100-SH4-A11

Proportioning valve

90-93 Integra 4040 46210-SK7-Q01

Steering Rack (Build 2)

Quaife quick ratio rack (18.6 at 3.8 turns lock to lock to 2.8).

Wheels and Tires


16 X 7 Volk Racing TE37 Titanium Gunmetal 42mm offset

Source: TireRack.com

Tires (current)

Bridgstone Potenza RE-11 205/45R16

Source: Town Fair Tire Salem, NH

Build 2 Update - For race day we have a set of 949 Racing 6UL 15X9 front with Hoosier 275 35 A6 and 15X8 rear with Hoosier 225 45 A6.


Shifter knob and boot

Knob - 2007 Civic Si shifter knob 54102-SVB-A00

Boot - Redlinegoods.com CRX leather shifter boot

Emergency brake

Momo EBrake handle PSADP and Momo EBrake boot, Black PSBOOTC

Source: LTBMotorsports.com


Momo Stealth Pedals: Momo STE1112

Source: LTBMotorsports.com


Molded Carpet 8945-Graphite/Ebony Plush Cut Pile

Source: StockInteriors.com

Notes: Aftermarket carpets get some bad press, they are not bad for the $ you just have to do some trimming and fitting.

Roll cage

Autopower 4 point race bolt in

Notes: The bar does not clear the inside door panels on the auto seatbelt CRX (89-91) and you must trim the panels to clear.

Seat Belts

Schroth Rallye Cross Wrap Blue

Source: HMS Motorsports Danvers, MA


Sparco Fighter Black with adjustable brackets

Source: Racing-Seats-USA.com

Steering wheel

Momo Jet Black

Source: LTBMotorsports.com


Momo Stealth Black Pad

Source: LTBMotorsports.com


Reciever - Kenwood eXcelon KDC-X492 CD Receiver with iPod interface and USB/CD playback

Speakers - Alpine SPS-17C2 6.5" front only

Source: Crutchfield.com

Notes: Rollbar placement kills the stock rear mounting position.


Dynamat in key places to replace removed insulation inside firewall and floor



Rywire conversion

Source: Rywire.com

Note: I was not impressed by their service and the product required relocation of the fuse box which in my case was OK.


Odyssey Battery 680 MJ dry cell mounted behind passenger seat

Source: batterymart.com


Its' in there but I am not giving away details.


JDM CRX SiR Gauge cluster

Source: eBay

Notes: The USDM speedo is mechanical and will not work, also the tack does not go high enough. The downside of the JDM cluster is you must wire it in and then get used to KPH.

Shift Light/Tach

A pillar Pod mounted Autopower Cobalt DPSS Level 2 programmable shift light and digital tach

Exterior Fit and finish

Paint and body

Color: Subaru WR Blue Pearl Spies-Hecker - 24492

Source: Automotive Custom & Collision, Derry NH

Notes: Awsome job on paint and body. This is the one part we did not do ourselves. We deviated from USDM stock and painted all the trim, moldings, mirrors, bumpers the same pearl blue for a cleaner more modern look.

Bumpers, Trim

All USDM stock


Fiber Images JDM "Style" carbon fiber hood

Source: Fiberimages.com

WARNING!!! Many blogs on the internet point to this site claiming "this guy knows how to get a USDM hood to fit in a CRX K20 swap" THIS IS NOT TRUE! THE USDM HOOD WILL NOT CLEAR THE K20, I don't care what you read elsewhere, it doesn't work. As we have stated elsewhere on this site, the Fiber Images hood is designed for the USDM front end, but, instead of the center of the hood dropping down, it bumps up, like a JDM hood. Hence "JDM style" hood. They also made a JDM CF hood and I believe a USDM style hood, although I may be wrong on that.

NOTE: I believe Fiber Images is no longer in business. That is a shame, as the quality was top notch and some of the other brands of CF hoods for hondas look like crap.

Note: This hood fits UDSM grill and gives (barely) enough clearence for the K20.