Shifter and Throttle

To shift the K motor you need to use an appropriate cable driven shift setup from a stock K powered car. So you can take your old CRX shifter and throw it out. As we mentioned, there are 2 common shift setups in stock K cars. Tunnel mounted (e.g. Integra) and dash mounted (e.g. Civic). Some people have gone the dash shifter route (e.g. CRXBart) but you might loose your heater, which may be acceptable in California but not here in New England. At the time, no one made a kit to mount a tunnel shifter for the EF chassis. However, Karcepts was offering one for the EG and with some hacking and fabrication could be adapted (thanks again Brian at Karcepts for the help). I have recently noted that Hybrid Racing is offering a shifter box for the EF but I have no experience.

Get your cutting wheel out for this one. You use the Karcepts supplied template to enlarge the tunnel to fit the shifter box. We actually did not use the stock shifter itself but instead went with a Buddy Club unit which has an adjustable throw. You will also need the shift cables from an 2002-2006 RSX, which ain't cheap. Once the hole is cut we had to do some further trimming of the box to fit the narrower EF tunnel. Brian at Karcepts also supplied some filler plates to compensate for the shape difference. You then bolt in the shifter into the shifter box, install the cables, and then bolt the whole assembly from underneath, up into the tunnel. You then seal the box using the supplied silicone adhesive to keep the air and water out. Then find the most environmentally sound way to route and secure the cables. I also wrapped mined with some heavy spiral wrap commonly used in electrical harnesses to protect them.

It is all a pain in the butt, but once you get the console all back together it looks stock. You do need to be careful about the header/exhaust clearance with the bottom of the box, we wound up putting some insulation on the exhaust pipe (see Exhaust and Intake). The throttle is pretty easy, just get a throttle cable from an EP3/GSR ( Honda Part # 17910-S5T-A02) and plug it in. I did have to shorten my cable on the pedal side (only the cable, not the housing) to get it all to work well.


It looks totally stock when it is all finished up
The box gets installed from underneath and then sealed with silicone adhesive
Shifter box and shifter installed, you can see the cutting that had to be done