The beast at 2010 SCCA Finger Lakes National Tour, Romulus, NY.

Autocross run at Ft Devens Courtesy of Ed Savage



My son and I were looking for a project car. The driving force was my fond childhood memories of performing an engine swap and restore on a 1955 Ford Thunderbird. The engine was from the junkyard, a Pontiac 350ci HO, I think from a firebird (see pics). I worked at it with my Father and older brothers and I thought it would be a good way to get my son (more) interested in cars. Of course, this was now 2007, not 1971 and things have changed a bit. We started to look around to see what might be fun to work with. We have both grown to like Honda's (in the past I have not been a big fan) after having recently owned a few (Pilot for my wife and Civic SI for me) so we pretty much focused on them. The next question was what year/model and what could we find on the used market and what exactly would we do with it?

Me at 17 sitting in the car after swap and body work55 T-Bird with Pontiac 350 HO swap

We went through the normal list of Civics, the Del Sol (I was intrigued, for a while), but we were both finally really drawn the the CRX. Why? Simple, it's a nice looking car, a popular target for swaps, sporty, fun to drive with good handling, and it was light (HP + Light weight = GO!). I came across one on my normal running route that was always parked in the same place in someone's driveway, a white 91 SI with a body kit. I thought it might be available so one day I knocked on the door and asked if it might be for sale. Turns out it had a B16, headers, and some rust, and a bunch of other mods. I made an offer, and I was all set to close the deal the next day. That night, a friend called and my wife answered the phone. My wife mentioned we were looking to buy a CRX. My friend asked to speak to me and mentioned that another mutual friend had one sitting in his garage, and was looking to get rid of it. We went over to take a look (he lives less than a mile away), a 91 DX (oh well I thought) with automatic (bummer), and the bad blue-turquoise color. The good news was it was his brothers first car, and he pampered it, mostly garaged, no rust, a few dings, ran pretty well, only 140K miles, bone stock and he was happy for us to take it off his hands for $1.00, yup, a buck. Check it out...

The owner actually lives down in NJ, and just could not stand to get rid of the car so his older brother, my friend, drove it up to New Hampshire for him to get rid of it. But he never got around to it and it sat in his garage for a year or two. Scary, eh, it almost sounds like destiny to me. So that's how we got started. On this site we will tell the story of 333 days of labor (including through the winter in an unheated garage, in New England!) and then finally, the fun we have been having driving and racing the "blue car". There is a lot of good, and bad, information out there on CRX swaps, and I will reference many of these sources on this site. The plan is to go into some detail to show what we did, how we did it, what we would do different, what works, and what doesn't. As we continue to add to this site, please feel free to comment and give your input.

Picture Copyright 2009 Source Interlink Media (Honda Tuning Magazine). Photo by Henry Dekuyper.  

See Feb/March 2010 issue of Honda Tuning (333 Days) or go to the Honda Tuning website.

91 Honda CRX (DX) fully restored with JDM K20A Type R engine, upgraded suspension and lots of other goodies. For Spec summary click here for the picture gallery click here.



July 12th run at Fort Deven SCCA compliments of Ed Savage
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Original engine with only about 140,000 miles on it, a bit dirty, heh, this is New England!
Trunk view
Not a bad interior
Front view, not a great color
Brian with bone stock 91 CRX DX
Pontiac 350 HO swap with Muncie 4 speed and hurst shifter
Me in the 55 T-bird with engine swapped and bodywork near complete (1971)