Skid Pad

Our local SCCA had a test and tune day for setting up and optimizing your car. One of the set ups was a skid pad on the tarmac at Ft. Devens in Ayer, MA. It was a bit off camber and not ideal and we used an iPhone app, Dynolicous for the measurements. Dynolicous uses the iPhones built in accelerometers to measure various parameters including acceleration and lateral G's. It is reportedly quite accurate (try a Google search for references) and after fooling with tire pressures and suspension settings we could consistantly pull 1.1G on our Bridgestone 16X205 RE-11 street tires!. Pretty good, a fully tweaked Subaru SRX STI running Hoosier A6 18X275 R compounds running at the same circle was pulling 1.2G, so not bad! 1.1G's is about the same as a 100,000+ ZR1 Corvette. Next year we will try a setup with Hoosier A6 15X275 35 front and 15X225 45 rear and see how we do!